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Leenasbooks Newsletter, Issue #017 -- Chapter 18 of the Magical Midlife Detectives is now live
December 13, 2021

Chapter 18 of my paranormal women's fiction series (book 1) is now live on my website.

Why does Otis wear the raincoat inside out, a hellhound called Fluffy and the reason the snake-ladies try to make their way into the House.

This is the last chapter of the book. I have already sent it to my editor, and will soon hide these pages on my website. If you wish to read these first-draft chapters later, you need to sign up for my newsletter using the form at the bottom of each page on my website.

For my newsletter subscribers, I will be writing short stories (spin-offs from my books), post audio chapters (you can see an example under the tab "newsletter" at the top of my pages), pictures, snippets of works in progress, cover reveals, research necessary for writing my books...

Chapter 18 of
Magical Midlife Detectives

Click the link below to read the chapter.


Hope you like it!

Leena :)

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