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finding time to write
in a busy world

Most writers don't have the luxury of writing full time.  Finding time to write when you have a job, family, pets, aging parents, social obligations, voluntary work... All stealing your writing time. It can be easy to just to give in. "Fine. I don't have the time to write. So I don't."

The danger here is that if you have a book in you, and you don't write it, it will gnaw in the back of your mind. You feel like your life's dream has been stolen from you and as a result you may feel depressed, feel anger towards the people who steal your writing time, start hating your job. Sooner than you know, you are in a vicious circle of negative thinking and stress. Life doesn't feel fair.

Well, here's the news for you: you have to actively steal back your writing time. I learned to do that, and figured I'd give you tips to do that as well.

Who am I to advice other writers about time management? Well, I was in a similar situation as you probably are. Full calendar, dead tired in the evenings. Yet I managed to write 11 books in three years (2016-2019 - two are at the editing stages at the moment), illustrate three of them (altogether around 240 pictures, during 2015-2017), have a full time job. And keep up my websites (four in all). So I think I have figured something out regarding finding writing time. I hope my tips will help you as well. 

How to find time to write?Tips on how to find time to write

I am building a course around this subject as well - videos, photos, downloadable material, work sheets to help you create a writing routine. One little step at a time. So keep an eye on this page - I'll announce the course here. And no, it won't cost an arm and a leg as most writers are on low budget. 

Below are links to the articles about the time management tips for writers. 

Pick the ones you feel work for you. Not everything works for everyone. And you need to evaluate your processes once in a while as life happens. 

finding time to write articles

Chart Your Writing Time 

Have you ever checked when exactly you could write during your week?

When to Write? Morning, Day, Evening?

When are you most productive when it comes to writing?

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