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I had been planning on creating the Daily Happiness Journal for a long time. I finally get myself to do it when there was plenty of time to spend by the computer - namely the corona / Covid 19 pandemic. I wanted to create something that uplifts, and hopefully brings a little joy and humor to your day.

This is light reading - quick to eye through before you start your day. A "family friendly" email, so you can open it at work.

The Daily Happiness Journal will be published from Monday to Friday. (And as I am doing this Happiness Journal -blog alone, there may be intervals if I am traveling, but I'll let you know should that happen)

in daily happiness journal emails you get:

Thought for the Day. Written by me, or by someone else. Even by you, if you wish to participate in creating the letter. The email address will be in the posts.

Picture of the Day - a photograph I have taken. I will tell you a little about the photo as well.

Daily Funny - a clean joke or a funny little anecdote.

You are welcome to send me these too. I especially love the fun things children say. Let's spread smiles together!

Today's Happiness . What made me (or you) happy today. You can send your little happy things to be added to the email. The more the merrier! Let's show people all the good things around us we sometimes do not pay attention to. It does not have to be a lottery win (not that I would not mind one, LOL) but small everyday things and occurrences. We just need to learn to look for them.

Daily Quote. Something I liked enough to put it in the email. Positive, thought-provoking, uplifting.

Writing Blog. I write about my writing, the research needed and sometimes I'll put quotes from my books.

subscribe below


After subscribing you will be directed to the Daily Happiness Journal website, where you can have a look at the latest posts. There is another form, which you do not need to fill again.

I'll be adding an archive of the old posts here on this page as well. Look down. (At first the very first ones from April to May 2020 will be missing, I'll add them when I have time)

If you wish to share your happiness with others, look below the post archives to find the form. I will publish these posts in the Daily Happiness emails and also here on this page. 


#95 Give yourself permission / Nuts / Drinking coffee / Book covers straight from the 1001 Nights

#94 Mother to son / Kinetic ball sculpture / To the beach / Toasting in the freezing cold / Hippodrome

#93 The good stuff and self esteem / Mouse lamps / Procrastinating / Bouquet from work / Contantinople

#92 What's the point? / Snowy bench / Ducks waking up / Surprise flowers / About Cleopatra

Daily Happiness Journal Archives


#86 The Horse That Ran Away / Lit Christmas Baubles / Cold Day / Cute Birthday Cake / Ouch

#85 I Will Try Again / Christmas Baubles / Writing Blog: Digital Painting or Real Brushes

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#83 Bowl of Perfect Light / Writing Blog: Pharaoh's Horse

#82 Difficulty or Gift / Merit and Kha / Writing Blog: The Lure of Research

#81 It's not only children who grow / Yellow and Turquoise / Writing Blog: Mud-brick Palaces

# 80 One-legged Dancer / Moss / Writing Blog: "I only write when I am inspired ..."

# 79 Power of Persuasion / Golden Web / Writing Blog: Surprise Characters

# 78 Agree to Disagree / Lantern / Writing Blog: Taking Breaks From Writing

#77 The Gift of Water / Red Leaves / Writing Blog: Writing Stories Before I Could Read

# 76 / Next Time / Orange and Green / Writing Blog: The Importance of Reading

# 75 Risks Must Be Taken / Colorful Cactuses / Writing Blog: Paying Attention to the World

# 74 That Was Not Fair! / Wild Strawberries / Writing Blog: Inspiration

# 73 Decide What You Want / The Color of Red Wine / Writing Blog: Stealing Minutes

# 72 Learning Languages ​​/ Hot Air Balloon / Writing Blog: The First Crusade

# 71 Everybody is talented / Silver Egyptian Mau / Writing Blog: Music as Inspiration

# 70 Go home and love your family / Yellow Rose / Ahmes-Nefertary

# 69 The Positive Bus Driver / Masts

# 68 Responsibility and Trust / Orange, Yellow and Green

#67 Being Right / Reading by the Sea

#66 Sleeping Peacefully in a Storm / Decorative Angel

#65 Dignity / Violets and Daisies / Going Through Characters

#64 Stuck / Old Door

#63 Violence / Pink Heart

#62 Being Right / Oranges

#61 Abandoning / Pink Bike

#60 Supposing a tree fell down / Red Wall

#59 Desiderata / Happy Mummy

#58 Humour / Shadow Path / Writing News: The First Draft of Space Witches 3 is ready

#57 Respect / Trees in a Field

#56 Sleep / Water Play

#55 The Things You Love / Ladder Against an Old Oak

#54 Gratitude Journal / Pier on a Forest Pond

#53 Meditate / Red and White Tulips

#52 Social Media / Pretty Petals

#51 More Time / Yarn

#50 Together / Lake Reflection

#49 Experiences vs Things / Turquoise Metal

# 48 Be kind to others / Divine Music

# 47 When you need to criticize / Ancient Egyptian Pectoral

# 46 Power of encouragement / Golden Harp

# 45 If not you, who? If not now, when? / Wood

# 7 Before You Comment of Someone in a Negative Way / Field of Daisies

# 6 To Look at the World Like a Child Again / Whale fountain

# 5 Are Your Comparing Yourself to Others?  / Forest Stream

# 4 Is Your Light On? / Clock face

# 3 Are Your Doing Something to Follow Your Dream? / Feathers and Fountain Pen

# 2 April 15th 2020: About me and the Daily Happiness Journal

# 1 April 13th 2020: To see the world in a grain of sand / Little Yellow Flower

What made you happy?

Do you have a great story about this? Share it! When it appears in a Daily Happiness Journal email / post, I will mention it in the link list (post archive) as well. I will also publish it on this page below the archives.

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