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Nephilim Quest 4 / The Book of the Dead / 180.000 words (now at 60.000 words)


Space Witches 3 / 66.000 words (now at 64.500 words)

The House of the Morning Sun / PUBLISHED ON 25TH AUGUST 2019 ON AMAZON

Bastet Mysteries 50.000 words (now at 25.000 words)

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tray of sunshine

A glass of ice tea in the middle of a flower painted on a tray. www.leenasbooks.comA glass of ice tea in the middle of a flower painted on a tray.

It was the first really warm spring day. We went walking in the forest, enjoying the new flowers, the sunshine and the bird song. There was a university garden nearby where all sorts of plants grow from trees to flowers to cacti (in a greenhouse, obviously, as this is Finland and most of the year it is chilly). 

We were thirsty and so we went to the cafeteria of the garden and bought ice tea. I poured it to two glasses and placed mine on the little tray. It looked so cute in the middle of the tray, with the petals of the blue flower painted on it that I took a picture of it. The ice tea looks like the center of the blue flower. 

There are so many details to photograph. Sometimes you see them straight away, sometimes it takes a while to see what it is you are looking at.

The first book you get for free is the Prequel to Nephilim Quest: Angel.

Over two hundred years before Nephilim Quest 1 / Shadowhunter the roots of the story are planted.

A little girl missing her mother, in the palace of the mightiest of the dark Nephilim, hoping for an escape...  

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