Space Witches Book 1 is now on Kindle Scout nomination stage.

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This is the book I originally wrote as my NaNoWriMo project in November 2016. A mixture of witches, spells, ancient Egypt and afterlife - with a dystopian sprinkle. 

About the author

Leena writes books under the names Leena Maria as well as Leena Pekkalainen.

Her books have one thing in common: ancient Egypt.

Though her studies have been academic, her books celebrate the power of imagination. History is definitely not dry in Leena's novels!

leena's egyptology studies

  • Certificate in Egyptology 2012 (University of Manchester, 3 years)
  • Diploma in Egyptology 2014 (University of Manchester 2 years)
  • Shorter courses:
  • BLUE: a symposium exploring aspects of life in ancient Egypt (University of Manchester)
  • Warfare and Weapons in Ancient Egypt 2015 (University of Manchester)
  • Ancient Superpowers of the Near East 2015 (University of Liverpool)
  • Ancient Egypt – a History in Six Objects 2015 (University of Manchester)
  • “From Mummies of Microchips” seminar 23-24.7.15 University of Manchester

leena's books

nephilim quest series

1. nephilim quest 1: shadowhunter

2. nephilim quest 2: moon daughter

mr. mummific

1. how I became a mummy


The first book you get for free is the Prequel to Nephilim Quest: Angel.

Over two hundred years before Nephilim Quest 1 / Shadowhunter the roots of the story are planted.

A little girl missing her mother, in the palace of the mightiest of the dark Nephilim, hoping for an escape...  

This book is not for sale anywhere - only readers who have subscribed to my mailing list will get it.

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