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Nephilim Quest 4 / The Book of the Dead / 180.000 words (now at 160.000 words)

Creature Wars 2 / now planning the plot

Space Witches 3 / 75.000 words FIRST DRAFT DONE, NOW EDITING

7 Shabtis 2 / Pillar of Death 60.000 words (now at 1000 words)

Bastet Mysteries 50.000 words (now at 26.000 words)

magical midlife detectives

I started writing the paranormal women's fiction book when I needed to give my mind a rest from my dissertation writing. I asked on Facebook if 40+ ladies would be interested in reading the first draft. 

I copy the post here: 

"So here's the question (to 40+ ladies):

if I wrote the fist draft of a tongue-in-cheek paranormal women's fiction book as blog posts on my website, would you be interested in reading and commenting on it? Maybe even suggesting where you'd like to see the story go? (Not promising it would go that way but you never know...)

Just asking as I am having a hoot writing such a story at the moment when my brains need a break from my dissertation writing...

And anyone else but midlife ladies be warned: the story is about directly speaking kick-ass heroines who might need supportive underwear but won't be put down by anyone with the idea that life worth living ends at thirty. They find suddenly that magical stuff exists, that stories of fantasy figures are based on reality, and sprout surprising magical skills.

Now mind you: this would be the first draft, before editing. Warts and all as the saying goes."

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I got so many "yes"-answers (and one "oh no..." from my husband LOL) that I thought ok, I'll do this. 

I added audio players to each of these pages. Now this is not a real person speaking but an AI voice as I cannot afford to hire a professional narrator. So the emotions and the tone of the audio may not match 100%. Still, as some people may have difficulties in reading, I figured the audio is ok.

I'll add a comment-form below. Feel free to comment. If you'd like to see the story go to a certain direction, let me know. Now I have planned this story beforehand but as I have noticed with my earlier books, those plans often change when the story takes over...

Also I had to name the story and didn't have a clue what it would be, but decided to call Magical  Midlife Detectives for now. Might change, but as it is about midlife women, and detective work, I'll let it be for now. 

If you'd like to share the chapter to social media, you can do it by sharing the address of this page or use the  share-link on top of the flipbook screen.

You can also view the flipbook here in full screen - choose the option at the bottom of the first page.

I chose the flipbook format for the specific reason it is not so easy to steal. Lots of thiefs out there... (And btw - if you find my books in some "read for free" -website, be aware that if they have it, they have stolen it. I have given no one permission to distribute my books for free. Or as is most often the case - they don't have it, want your email address, send you a link and through it you download a virus to your computer instead.)

magical midlife detectives
book 1 / first draft chapters

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 1 

Moving boxes, hairy legs and 60 deniers on a hot day

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 2

Nora is eager to start a new chapter in her life. But as many 40 + ladies know, it isn't always so easy...

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 3

What is that letter from the past? Do spells really exist? Does the bottle of red understand jokes?

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 4

Who are the two women in the House? What's with all the colourful doors? What does a pigeon have to do with anything? How can you find someone with a pendulum?

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 5

Why doesn't wine love you back? What's with that silly pigeon tapping the window? Who could send Nora a package even before she had made her new address public? And why had she never even heard of the Little Shop of Spells?

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 6

The diary Nora received wants to have a discussion with her. In five different handwritings. And then the ex starts bombarding her with messages to return the only valuable thing Nora has - and which he doesn't even own.

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 7

Pigeons, hawks and a woman wading in a sea of snakes.

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 8

So who are the Spell Master, Shadow Thief, Seeker, Potion Master and Mind Whisperer? And are two glasses of wine enough?

Magical Midlife Detectives Chapter 9

The Village of Everywhere, strange creatures, too much skin (and two glasses was not enough)

Magical Midlife Detectives Ch. 10

The personality of the house, a missing great aunt, a baby gargoyle and Medusa's sisters

Magical Midlife Detectives Ch. 11

Meeting Paul and the new girlfriend, pigeon and dog poo adding to the satisfying experience. And what ever happens to Nora's wedding ring?

Magical Midlife Detectives Ch. 12

A room of magical objects, some facts about dragons and a black tarot card. 

Magical Midlife Detectives Ch. 13

The heart of the House.

Magical Midlife Detectives Ch. 14

A table full of weapons, a male nymph on the hunt, and someone dark eavesdropping though the crystal ball.

Magical Midlife Detectives Ch. 15

Strange little mirror, why it is not a good idea to use goblin shit, especially with a fan. Oh, and a trip to Rome.

Magical Midlife Detectives Ch. 16

How to defeat an overconfident male Nymph, too many shadow cats and a living cannonball.

Magical Midlife Detectives Ch. 17

To whom the Gray Mirror really belonged to..

Magical Midlife Detective Ch. 18

Why does Otis wear his raincoat inside out, a hellhound called Fluffy and the reason the snake-ladies try to make their way into the House.

Magical Midlife Detectives 1 / 1st Chapter draft


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The first book you get for free is the Prequel to Nephilim Quest: Angel. Over two hundred years before Nephilim Quest 1 / Shadowhunter the roots of the story are planted.

A little girl missing her mother, in the palace of the mightiest of the dark Nephilim, hoping for an escape ...  

This book is not for sale anywhere - only readers who have subscribed to my mailing list will get it.

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