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interviews with book lovers

An author is bound to meet very interesting book lovers while writing - other authors, editors, artists, publishers... Here I shall interview those interesting people I have met on my own journey as an author. 

my favorite book lovers

jane akshar

If you love ancient Egypt you will envy Jane... She lives in Luxor where she can visit the wonderful historical monuments. She has apartments for rent, has started a campaign to make historical sites accessible to disabled people, writes books, keeps  a blog... Jane has had an eventful life for sure - one of her books tells about surviving a cult.

Jane is one of those wonderwomen who know how to juggle several projects at the same time.

Read Jane's interview here.

miriam bibby

Miriam is my editor, and an excellent one at that. I originally met her when I was searching for information about ancient Egyptian horses, and someone mentioned her name as she had written her final essay about the horse breeds of ancient Egypt. To my surprise she was an author too - her delightful Mistress Meg series is pefect for anyone who loves Elizabethan England. I highly recommend her if you are searching for an editor - just don't make her so busy she won't have time for my future books :) Though the last I heard she is about to start academic research about a certain horse breed, and that together with living on a farm in Scotland with her ponies may make her free time somewhat scarce.

Read Miriam Bibby's Interview Here

stephanie farrant

A blogger and book reviewer extraordinaire. This lady is a serious reader! Exactly how she manages to juggle her reviewing work with family life is beyond me. I asked, of course, and it seems you can do your chores at home with one hand, carrying a book in the other. But she really reads all those books from cover to cover - and loves loves loves books. The latest news is that she was accepted to study literature and writing. Way to go! (And do finish that book you were talking about, the plot idea was absolutely wonderful!

Read Stephanie's interview here.

cathy helms

I decided from the start I would use a professional to design my book covers. As usual I did a lot of background research and asked for recommendations. Cathy Helms was recommended to me by other authors, and having read everything on her website I decided to contact her.

Cathy designed the cover for my first novel Nephilim Quest 1: Shadowhunter. And she did a super job! Too good, really. I got three sketches from her and they were all so good I could not make up my mind. Had to ask for advice from others. The choice was a good one, and I have received many comments telling how much the readers love the cover. So I give credit to where it is due: Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics. Thank you!

Read Cathy's interview here.

inge dagmar manders

I first met Inge when we both were members of the Equine Art Guild.

Books come in many forms, and her work is for the artistic book lovers - she has published beautiful coloring books - read more about her work here. 

I love the fairy-tale kind of magic in her drawings and artwork - with real glistening gold and jewels (not joking!).

iris c. meijer

Iris C. Meijer lives in Egypt where the attitude towards animals is different to the western countries. This is partly because of culture, partly because of ignorance - and partly because of poverty.

Iris loves animals and helps to rescue and care for them - both pets and working animals. She wrote an animal awareness book for children that teaches them how to handle animals - and to see them as something to be cherished and loved.

Read more about Iris and her book, Abdallah, Bondog and Other Animals here.

iraj navidi

Iraj is a book binder who works using the traditional methods of Iranian book binding. Using the best leather he creates unbelievable works of book cover art (as well as other leather wor as well).

He paints, he restores, he uses gold leaf.

And he also teaches these skills it has taken him 37 years to master, to make sure this old and rare skill doesn't disappear.

Read Iraj's interview here and have a look at the examples of his amazing work.

david round

When I found the notebook of my dreams, I got curious of who had created it. 

Here is my interview with David Round who had the courage to jump off the corporate hamster wheel and create a versatile, luxurious William Hannah notebook that (in the words of another WH owner) "Finally gave me notebook peace". If you have shelves full of notebooks you have bought in your effort to find the one that fits your journaling and planning needs, you know what that term means...

Read David's interview here.


Curtis is a creative person extraordinaire - he directs, acts, photographs, does modeling - and writes books.

And on top of that - he is interested in ancient Egypt and has made documentaries on the subject; Discover Egypt and Egypt Through the Ages.

You'll be hearing a lot about Curtis in the future.

Read Curtis's interview here.

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