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I never planned to create a cartoon figure of a mummy. I think Mr Mummific planned the whole thing himself

I studied Egyptology at University of Manchester at the time, and all my spare time was taken by studies and writing essays. One day I took a break, and as I am an artist as well, I took my sketch pad and started doodling without thinking much what I was going to draw.

A little mummy figure appeared on the paper out of nowhere. I looked at him and he definitely looked right back at me. After that I there was no going back. He jumped out of the paper and decided to stay. Together we started writing about life in ancient Egypt. Only his opinions of our modern life were somewhat... interesting that I decided to put a website together with him. 

I'm never quite sure when he is pulling my leg with his stories, and so I decided to write a facts-only page of any given subject and then a Mummific version page on the same subject. If you are interested, we are very happy if you would like to check out our website at Just remember to take anything Mr Mummific says with a pinch of salt.

We were just having fun with the website, but as it happens a publisher happened to be one of the people who liked to read his stories. He wrote to us asking if Mr Mummific would be interested in writing a book. He considered the offer for a while and then decided to have a go at it. 

He graciously allowed me to be his scribe and illustrator. We spent 10 months writing and illustrating his story about how he became a mummy. 80 pictures in all. It was a lot of work, but it was fun. At the same time I was preparing to publish my first novel, the first part of the Nephilim Quest series.

I had a strict timetable (I noticed small sticky notes glued to my calendar pages are very handy when you need to plan dozens of little things to do in a very limited time.)

I originally thought we would have four more months to work on Mummific's first book, and had to ask the publisher to wait while I fainted after he told me the real deadline.

So you bet I was knackered as a result and announced to my ever-patient and supportive hubby that I must be mad to do all this on top of a full time day job.

He was wise enough to mumble something polite and keep me in coffee and sandwiches and drag me out of bed in the mornings after long days of writing. It was stressful, but it was a positive stess.

But we did it! We finished the book in time.

So, here is the book. (And yes, we are writing a sequel to it now, and at the same time I am preparing to publish the second part of Nephilim Quest.  I really must be nuts... Again my calendar is filled with little sticky notes and I throw grumpy looks at anyone who tries to suggest a social event as my timetable will be ruined. Thankfully my friends don't give up and so I am drawn out of my cave to the daylight every now and again.)

mr mummific's book "how I became a mummy"

how i became a mummy

mummies, monsters and the ship of millions


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