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I'm author Leena Pekkalainen, also writing books with the pen name Leena Maria.

I'm sure my story is similar to that of many other writers. I started writing stories at three years of age. The first ones were written without words, but as they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. I still remember what must have been my first story... It was about a family of horses, and of a young foal who left the family to experience adventures. I cried buckets, because it was so sad.

Then I learned to read on my own and after that I never stopped reading and writing. I loved reading more than anything else and often tottered home from the library bus carrying such a pile that I could barely see the way home over it.

I wrote stories by hand on the papers my father brought home from work. My greatest treasure was a typewriter my uncle borrowed me so I could write. There were no computers then.

Then life happened, the stories filled my drawers, but I never published anything. There were deaths and illnesses in the family, which efficiently stole my energies for writing - but on hindsight they also gave valuable experiences in life, something every author needs. 


my books

After years of working to pay the rent, I finally followed a dream of mine and studied Egyptology at the University of Manchester. After five years of studies which took all my free time, I suddenly knew that the moment had come. I wanted to publish what I had written. 

Now, suddenly, it seemed there was energy to spare. I had been developing a plot in my mind for ten years at least, and now the first novel of the Nephilim Quest series seemed to write itself. In January 2016 it came live as an ebook, and a little later as a printed version. 

I'm also an artist, and during my Egyptology studies a little mummy figure one day appeared on my sketch pad when I took a break from writing all the essays. I named him Mr Mummific and together with him we have been writing about life in ancient Egypt on a website of its own. A publisher noticed the website, and liked Mr Mummific's tongue-in-cheek stories, and asked if he would be interested in writing a story they could publish. Mr Mummific thought it might be fun and for ten months we spent every free moment writing and illustrating his story about mummification.

Writing is a passion. If you are a writer, you feel miserable if you cannot write. It is in your very soul to tell stories, to paint pictures and create worlds with words. 

I invite you to follow this passion for writing, books and reading here on my website. 

Nephilim quest series



The seven shabtis -series

The House of the Morning Sun - first book of the YA series The Seven Shabtis

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Over two hundred years before Nephilim Quest 1 / Shadowhunter the roots of the story are planted.

A little girl missing her mother, in the palace of the mightiest of the dark Nephilim, hoping for an escape ...  

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