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Interview with MyBookWormBlogger
/ Stephanie Farrant

And here's Stephanie - a reader and blogger extraordinaire. I cannot wrap my mind around how much she manages to read, having little children and a home to tend to. But I suppose it is the same with all true bookworms - we go around with a book in our hands, reading whenever we can.

You have to go and check her blog if you are searching for something good to read. The link is at the end of this interview.

I absolutely love what Steph says about reading here:

"I always say a story read, is a life lived. I've lived a thousand lives."

And here are the questions and answers:

Where did you get the idea from of putting up a blog with the intention of reviewing books? Did it just pop in your head one day or did the idea form slowly?

For years I have been an avid reader, but it's only in the past year that I learned how vast the online reading community is. With Kindle's and Nook's making it possible to purchase an ebook with one click and the influx of indie authors, social media has become a great place to not only promote books but to find great stories that you may not have found otherwise.

I've always held a great respect for authors of all genres; writing a book is hard work! So I found myself trying to find a way to help get the word out, not only for the author but to encourage others to read a great story.

It wasn't until an author-whom I greatly respect- contacted me and told me how she loved my reviews I had posted on Amazon, that the idea of starting a blog to promote authors and their works came to me.

The very next day, I went online and researched other blogs and even contacted a few for advice. The feedback I received was all positive and encouraging. With their support and the support of my family I decided to take the plunge and start a blog. My thoughts were, even if I could only help one person discover a story to remember, then I had done something incredible.

How on earth can you read so fast? It clear from your reviews that you have actually read the books you review, cover to cover. With family life,
how do you manage that? New reviews come out at a breath-taking speed.

The simple answer would be that I'm a fast reader, but it's so much more than that and mostly it has nothing to do with me.

I've been extremely lucky in receiving review copies from amazingly talented authors-yourself included-who have written incredible stories that I can't read fast enough!

I also have an incredibly supportive husband who always goes out of his way to give me some alone time to read. He often plays with the children so I can get lost in another story.

Do you have a favorite genre or do you devour every genre? Is there a genre you won’t read?

When an author or publisher contacts me and asks if I would be interested in reading their story, my reply is always yes, no matter the genre. I am always willing to try something new and have been pleasantly surprised when I've enjoyed a genre that I normally wouldn't read.

Before I started my blog, I had never read Legal Thrillers, Erotica or even much Horror. But when I read the review copies for these genres, I loved them!

I created he Bookworm editing services because I care for authors and the incredible hard work they do.

 I hope to provide authors with accurate and honest editing services at an affordable price. Being an aspiring author myself, I understand the time, hard work and dedication that goes towards writing a book. In knowing this, I wish to provide authors with not only an accurate, honest and affordable service, but to guide them through an editing process, that can often seem daunting, with a friendly, open and dedicated hand, in order to evoke the beauty of their words.

 If you are an author in need of an editor that is dedicated to making your story the best it can be, at an affordable price, please do send an email to

One thing I have sadly come across at times are some peoples misconceptions on certain genres. A fallacy that comes from both authors and readers. But if we tried something different once in a while, we may just discover there's a certain beauty in all genres.

Though I will try anything, I have always particularly enjoyed Paranormal Romances, Fantasy and Young Adult.

Is the review blog your full time occupation?

I wouldn't describe my blog as an occupation, it's more of a hobby. However, if I was being paid by the hour it would be a very lucrative one!

I have a traditional marriage. My husband works very hard in his job and I'm a stay at home mum-by choice-which any mother would agree is a full time role!

My blog, I do in my spare time, which is when the children are in bed and any small moments I can squeeze in when the children are occupied playing or eating!

Do authors approach you and ask for reviews or do you decide what to read on your own?

When I first started my blog, I decided what to read. As I made more author friends on social media I saw posts looking for bloggers to request ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies) of their new releases. So I started filling in the forms and was delighted to be accepted and sent copies of stories that hadn't yet been published.

Nephilim Quest 1: Shadowhunter was actually one of the very first ARC's I received and it was when I read your incredible debut novel that I realised I had made one of the best decisions of my life in starting my blog.

It was only when I started working on my Facebook page that I started receiving review requests. I was then approached by a publication magazine wanting to send me regular books to review, which I was very happy to accept.

I'm now at a point where I have a list of reviews to complete. I've invested in a diary to keep track of release dates and often have to give waiting times to authors who have already published their books.

Do you prefer e-books when you review, or paperbacks?

I've only ever received e-books when reviewing. This is mostly down to the fact that I live in the UK and most of the authors I review for are in the US and postage costs are extremely expensive.

However if I was ever offered a choice between an e-book or paperback I would always choose the paperback. I love my Kindle, but for me a book that I can feel in my hands, the smell of the pages and the sight of another book on my bookshelf will always be the preferable option.

Do you write stories yourself?

I have always had ideas for stories floating around in my mind, but it is only recently I decided to put one on paper. It's coming along very well and is a story I am hoping to one day publish.

It wasn't until I started writing that I realised just how much of themselves an author puts in a book. It isn't just putting words on paper, there's a lot of research involved as well as great attention to detail, every word counts!

The respect I've always had for authors has soared since I began writing myself.

How many books do you own?
Do you have the normal problem of bookworms – too few book shelves, books in two rows in your book cases…?
How many times a day do you stub your toe on a pile of books near a couch / bed / armchair? 

I have many book shelves, all completely full. However I refuse to place my precious books on the floor! So I have resorted to windowsills-not ideal- but better than them being damaged by little feet and sticky fingers!

I shall soon be investing in another bookcase; I don't like to have two rows of books on a shelf because I like to see every book I own and remember every adventure they have taken me on.

My dream is to one day build my own little library in my home. A sanctuary where I can read in peace surrounded by my favourite stories.

How important do you think it is to teach young people to read novels? Do you encourage the reading habit with your own children? 

I read to my children every day, it's something I hope to instill in them because I think reading is extremely important.

Hardly any of my family and friends read, which saddens me because they are missing out on what I think is something extraordinary and life changing.

But it seems daily life and technology have distracted many people away from the magic of books. Sadly, to a lot of young people in my life, reading for the sake of getting lost in a great story seems to be a foreign concept to them.

I always say a story read, is a life lived. I've lived a thousand lives and would love nothing more than to live some of them with my children and other young people in my life.

Do you ever go to a physical bookstore just be near books? (I know I do…) How about second-hand bookshops?

Whenever I am out shopping I always make sure to visit a bookstore, even if I don't buy anything. (Which, come to think of it has never happened) I always take my time browsing.

There is something about being surrounded by books that brings a sense of peace and safety. A feeling of being home.

I have rarely set foot in a second-hand bookshop. For me they don't have the same feeling to them, I keep my books in great condition and seeing even slightly damaged books makes me shudder. However some second-hand bookstores can hold some hidden gems.

 If you go on a holiday, is it a holiday with or without books? 

A holiday is always with books! In fact for me everywhere I go, is with a story, whether a paperback or my Kindle.

Although I find hardly any time to actually read when on holiday. Young children need a lot more care when they're on holiday. Everything is new to them and they want to explore! Leaving little time to be distracted by reading.

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