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Here are my online book reviews. Writing my own books takes almost all my free time, but  do my best to find time for reading as well. (Usually when I eat, a habit I learned already as a child as my father usually always read a book while we ate.)

So here are books I have enjoyed reading with links to my reviews on Goodreads. I will be adding more with time - and while I am cleaning my bookshelves I'll probably meet many an old friend I want to say a few a words about. 

online book reviews A-G
(authors in alphabetical order)

miriam bibby

Mistress Meg and the Prigger of Prancers (Mistress Meg and the Elizabethan Rogues #1)Mistress Meg and the Prigger of Prancers by Miriam Bibby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Perhaps the story doesn't begin with a big bang, but it certainly draws you in and soon you notice you don't want to put the book down. Here you can clearly see that Miriam has a deep knowledge horses and history. I enjoyed the "sidekicks" most - the rogues. They are delicious characters - not evil, just opportunist. And they sure made me chuckle on several occasions. And Mistress Meg... She remains somewhat of a mystery, but in a good way. The way she is described makes you really wonder where she comes from and what her past was. I will definitely read every Mistress Meg story - I want to know what happens to the characters in the future.

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Mistress Meg and the Silver Bell (Mistress Meg and the Elizabethan Rogues #2)Mistress Meg and the Silver Bell by Miriam Bibby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another delightful Mistress Meg story. And my favorite rogues on the road again... They made me laugh many times and I have to admit they are my favorites in the series. The plot about the exciting horse race reveals Miriam Bibby certainly knows all there is to know about horses. Mistress Meg remains mysterious, but interesting as do her companions. You'll find yourself trying to figure out her past from the clues given, wondering where she came from. And of course there is a little romance involved, as there should be in any good novel.

Miriam Bibby knows the Elizabethan era very well, making the life of people from different layers of society believable. Combine to that a good understanding of the human behavior and a good sense of humor, and you are in for a delightful reading experience.

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umberto eco

The Name of the RoseThe Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here's a book I read several times (been a few years already, maybe it would be time to return to it again). The story captivates you from the start, and the characters are interesting. Also the story paints the times in a fascinating way - the religion of the times, the layers of society... And the basic human nature you find under the skin of every monk, no matter how "holy" they wish to appear. That is the most interesting thing in any story, really. Yes, I think it definitely is time to re-read this again.

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Michael David Lukas

The Oracle of StamboulThe Oracle of Stamboul by Michael David Lukas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The way the author goes inside the mind of a little girl is impressive. I could feel her emotions and yet remain an outside observer. The way the author weaves the language is poetic without being stuffy. Beautiful, beautiful language! I love historical fiction when it makes an era alive for you, and this book certainly did that - presenting the high and mighty along with ordinary people so that together they made you see into the times that have passed. The description of the physical surroundings only added to the poetry of this book. And the end result was quite surprising, yet I understood the motivations of the little Eleonora Cohen so well.

Thank you for writing this beautiful story - this will be one of those books I will be reading again and again. Bravo!

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Dissolution (Matthew Shardlake, #1)Dissolution by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my first encounter with Matthew Shardlake and luckily I happened to buy the first book of the series first (together with the second one, Dark Fire). The plot was very well weaved and even though I have to admit the idea of who murdered the first victim did pop to my head quite quickly, I did not believe it myself, and so forgot all about it until the case was solved. C.J. Sansom certainly fooled me there - which is as it should be with a good detective novel. I enjoyed how well he conveyed the religious atmosphere of the monastery, and how well he built the characters and let them develop through the story. A very good book indeed.

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Dark Fire (Matthew Shardlake, #2)Dark Fire by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enjoyable story with a bit of a surprise ending if you aren't familiar with the history of the times of Henry VIII - and if you are you'll wait with anticipation what will happen to Cromwell's assistants at the end of the story. The language is delicious, and the two cases intertwining with each other happen in two different levels of the society. This gives a more rounded view of the times. Recommended for sure if you love historical detective novels. (I do, the longer the novel, the better...)

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Sovereign (Matthew Shardlake, #3)Sovereign by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I like the way the times of Henry VIII come alive in this book. And as always - the characters develop into well rounded personalities when the story progresses.
I tried to figure out who it was that tried to kill Master Shardlake, and it was only after the story moved back to London that I began to suspect who it was. Still, I could not be sure. And the reason why took me quite by surprise. Excellent book, well written, a must read for anyone who likes historical mystery stories.

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Lamentation (Matthew Shardlake, #6)Lamentation by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of those book series you wish would never end. I like books that give time for the characters to develop and aren't full of explosions and scooting around at warp speed. The Shardlake series is everything I love - history, a long story that doesn't end too soon for a fast reader, well rounded characters you get to know well when the story moves peacefully forward, and an underlying theme that carries through all the books in the series. Here, again the plot was excellent. I began to have a hunch who was behind the disappearance of the queen's book, but the story was again so well told that I thought I had to be wrong - until the end almost. Such a good story, much recommended (and you can read it even if you haven't read the previous volumes in the series).

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Revelation (Matthew Shardlake, #4)Revelation by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm hooked to C.J. Sansom's writing style. And the way he brings out the conflicts of religion is delicious. I like the slow style the story develops - it isn't boring in the least, and the way the characters get more meat over their bones in every book gives the feeling they are real people, not just puppets meant to push the plot forward. Also this era in England's history interests me, and the books reveal the author has researched the era extensively. It is a gift to make history alive without giving the feeling you are being lectured to.

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Heartstone (Matthew Shardlake, #5)Heartstone by C.J. Sansom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book in the series (Dissolution) and this are probably my favorites in the Shardlake series. The plot seems to proceed slowly, but things are happening under the surface all the time. The loose ends from earlier books are tied together, and the new mystery Matthew Shardlake is asked to solve took my by surprise again. (I really love books that keep me guessing till the end). I only wish I could read this book for the first time again.

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