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I met Inge Dagmar Manders for the first time years ago when we were both members of the Equine Art Quild. I painted a portrait of her beautiful Arab stallion Yogi simply because he was so beautiful. 

We both ended up publishing books - I wrote  novels and children's books and Inge specialized in coloring books. She lives in South Africa.

Here is her interview.

copyright Inge Dagmar Manders - do not use without permission.

interview with Inge dagmar manders

1. How old were you when you started drawing?

I started drawing as all we artist soon as we can hold a crayon....I started painting with oil paint also very early as my mother painted...I think I was 9 or 10...I sold my first jungle paintings when I was in my teens.

2. You are known from your coloring books.
What is your favorite subject? 

I think anyone can guess what my loves are....I love animals...but especially horses and cats...and as a dreamer love anything mythical....but I am following other loves with the new series coming out...yes dogs...but also cooking...and eventually... I love herbs and gardens...I have recently qualified as a garden landscaper.. 

3. Do you like realistic style or more of a fairystory kind of style?

I am a mix of both....for me...I struggle to understand how adults want to colour childish illustrations.....and those are not in me...I draw what I think and what I see in my minds with my me or not

4. Did you like coloring books as a child
or did that start only later?

No...never touched them ever....but there is a call for them now...and as an artist am being diverse.

5. Are your coloring books meant for children or adults?

I draw what I want...and yes there are naked women in my be it to the adult to decided for drawings and paintings are aetherial.... what I dream and see...

6. What else do your draw / paint?

A lot of people have know me for my paintings...I work with precious leaf and jewels and have done for years in combination with oil paint, I have been represented in galleries locally and internationally.

7. DId you go to any art school
or learn painting / drawing on your own?

Yes and no....I applied to fine art University  2 times and was rejected as they said I was too advanced ....crazy...they said they wanted raw talent,,,then went into advertising...hated that...then industrial design for a while...since then qualified as an interior designer and a landscape designer ...go figure...

8. Do you use colors / paints or some special techniques as well?

Yes for years I have been specialising in refining my gilding and use of gold/Silver and copper leaf that I patinate with chemicals that I then embellished with precious and semi precious gemstones on liquid lead, a viscous medium that is used for stain glass painting but that works very well on my oil paintings...I then work in a series of oil glazes to bring depth to my other artist has used this technique...I also use a spray paint technique that has taken me years to perfect...for the most I love being total different from the conventional artist....I love the precious metals and jewels and have even tried opal dust and shards that was so kindly sent to me in the early 2000 by an opal miner all the way from Australia. The internet is such a wonderful place even way back then :)

9. Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration now and then from nature...from those magnificent stallions that I have been privileged to own, to jungles that I have been allowed to see...grown up in a wonderfully divers world in my childhood, all the different cultures that I have been allowed to live it...I have had a very blessed life where I have been allowed to live around the world and I am so eternally grateful that I had and still have such a supportive family. These days for my colouring books...I reach back for my foremost cats...they are now my world ( yes I have turned into that crazy cat lady ;)....Of course horses will always be there...and yes I am a dreamer and the mythicals always will be there....

10. Have you written or illustrated books? If yes, which ones?
If not, are you planning to?
If someone is interested in having their book illustrated, would you be interested?

Yes..I had a dream in 2001 for my Unicorn sword book...and on and off through the years had been adding sketches to it and was working on a storyline with my good friend Geoff Rigby...I guess life got in the way...and just never knew how I could go about it...back then...wanted to do a colouring book...but pushed it aside as I just don't do kids things...and Unicorn sword was never meant for kids...come colouring book fad comes along...and I have such a HUGE body of work..even dating back from the 80s from my doodle art days that I now have 6 books on 3 initial..."For the love of Cats,Horses and Mythicals" to my species only for the Unicorn Sword...that one will be coming out next year :)

11. What is the best thing about being an artist?

Hmmmm the best and worst thing..I think is being a dreamer...but then feedback I get from clients and those that colour my that they can dream again....from both comission those that buy my books on work transports them to a different world...and if that is all I can offer I am a happy person.

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