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Nephilim Quest 4 / The Book of the Dead / 180.000 words (now at 160.000 words)

Creature Wars 2 / now planning the plot

Space Witches 3 / 75.000 words FIRST DRAFT DONE, NOW EDITING

7 Shabtis 2 / Pillar of Death 60.000 words (now at 1000 words)

Bastet Mysteries 50.000 words (now at 26.000 words)

leena's writer's blog

Here is my own writers blog about what it is like to be a writer.  Short pages about life of an author.

I dreamed of being an author even since I was a little girl. I saw myself sitting by an antique desk (with an antique green desk lamp), writing  with a blue fountain pen on thick paper, filling notebook after notebook with my writing (there were no computers in my childhood).

I loved writing by hand and my idea of an author was someone who wrote all the pages by hand. It was quite hard for me to start using a typewriter as it was against my ideal of how books should be written. Not to mention that the sound of the typewriter inevitably made someone open the door to my room and ask what I was writing. I was so absorbed into my stories I almost jumped out of my skins every time I was surprised like that. Also I wanted to keep my stories to myself until I had perfected them. I still remember how angry I was when my mother told me she had read a story I had left on the table, without permission. In my mind that equaled to reading my diary. 

These hand-written notebooks I would then have typed into real pages, and send them to the publisher who couldn't wait for my next masterpiece. Book shelves would tower around me, and I would have a beautiful view from the window. The cares of the world would not touch me, the famous author (well, of course I intended to write bestsellers only).

Oh dear... Such a nice dream.

Pretty soon after I began to write my first book, I understood that being a writer is not exactly the dream job I imagined as a child. At least not in the beginning (here's hoping for the future to prove me wrong!). But it certainly has been worth every tired moment after a 9-5 job and every time I have chosen not to go to some social event so I could be at home and write.

I write these pages to tell what it is like to be a writer and juggle everyday life at the same time.  These are pretty informal little blog writings, the actual fact pages about writing tips, publishing, and my books are pages of their own on this website - you find them from the tabs at the top of the page.

I have also created a Patreon page where I will write blog posts a month before they appear here. If you wish to read them straight off the press, and support a writer (editing and having professional covers made is not cheap...), then by all means become a patron.

copyright of blue fountain pen picture Leena Pekkalainen

Leenas writers blog pages


Delights and stresses as a writer (and radio-drama-audio coming soon!)

Returning to my author newsletter - what would you like to read about?

Drawing the line

Success as a writer

What would make me stop writing?

Editing after first draft

Have my readers ever surprised me?

My favourite reading genre

What makes me stop reading a book?

Productive Times

When Words Don't Come Easy

Unexpected Genre

Changes in writing industry I'd like to see

Daily Happiness Journal

How the coronavirus has changed my daily life

Have I ever written my family traditions into my novels?

The first story I put on paper - without even knowing how to write (Patreon blog post)

A Door in a Book

Living the Dream Life (Patreon blog post)

The strangest thing I researched when writing a book.

Should a writer read books by other writers? 

Where would I write my next book if it could be anywhere?

Has my writing ever surprised me?

What personal traits have I written into my character(s)?

What is my favourite genre to write in?

Writing Time

I'm going to publish my tips on how I found writing time despite a day job, studies and other life. If you have questions you'd like to have addressed or tips you'd like to share, you can do so on this page.

Traveling with rubber duckies

All our friends know we have two rubber ducks that travel with us everywhere.

It all started, when Hubby and I traveled to London (been there many times - we like London a lot). I think we were there to visit the art gallery that had my horse paintings exhibited. Not quite sure as we traveled to London so often. 

Continue reading

What kind of a scene I would need help with?

Which one is more fun to write about - the protagonist or the antagonist?

The Monster in the Mirror

I don't know when she decided to move into the bathroom mirror, but it seems she had decided to stay... This Patreon post is for 2$/month patrons to read first and will be public on 24th March 2019.

What Other Creative Outlets I Have

My Favorite / Least Favorite Question as a Writer

Five objects in My Writing Space

Has Writing Ever Helped Me Cope With a Difficult Life Situation?

Which Publishing Path Did I Choose and Why

Ultimate Writing Goals

Coming Up With Names for Books and Characters

Wakey Wakey - Animal Style 

(Spring is in the air... That darned bird... And cat...)

Does spring inspire writing? Or the opposite?

How to keep writing when you feel under the weather?

How do I celebrate when I reach a writing goal / finish a story

What do I love about the genre I write in most often?

How do I schedule my writing?

What would I have done differently as a writer in 2017?

Have I published my NaNo project?

Have I ever slipped personal information to my characters?

Have I ever surprised myself with my writing?

Terrorist attack in my city 18th August 2017

My pet peeve when writing.

One valuable lesson I've learned about writing.

Did I ever say "I quit writing?"

What inspired the story Nephilim Quest?



Cover Reveal for Nephilim Quest 2 / Moon Daughter 
Finding the name for the book usually makes me bang my head on the keyboard. My editor and I were suggesting names and nothing seemed to fit. And then …

Headache and Last Words - Nephilm Quest 2 first draft DONE (25th September 2016) 
I woke up this morning to a splitting headache. No wonder, having had a flu for a week. I'm not eager to take any unnecessary medicine, but this time I …

No more adventure? Not rated yet
Where to travel for an adventure? We were reminiscing our trips abroad with hubby dearest. Those were the days -style. "Do you remember how we chose …

The blue fountain pen (21st September 2016) Not rated yet
My husband and I were in Turin, Italy for a week. I wanted to go and see the wonderful collection of the Museo Egizio / Egyptian Museum. Also we were celebrating …

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