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One day just before December started I noticed something odd. I had inherited these leather book covers from my grandmother and forgotten them in a drawer for who knows how many years. And now, suddenly, they were standing on a sideboard in our living room.

I saw them when I walked out of the bedroom on a Saturday morning. I saw my husband sitting by his computer and asked if he had placed the covers there.

Old leather book coversThe old leather book covers I inherited from my grandmother.

"Me? Why would I do that?" he asked absentmindedly.

"I don't know. I just don't remember seeing those book covers in years. And I didn't put them there."


Clearly the subject was not very interesting.

Then, a slight noise that seemed to come from inside the book covers.

"What the...?"

I edged closer. Another noise - like someone had... closed a door?

"That's it. I need coffee. Strong coffee. Lots of it," I declared aloud.

"Sure, Hon... I'll make some in just a moment..." 

Hoping there would not be a mouse inside the covers I extended my hand and pulled the front cover. I expected the covers to fall down, but no. They stood sturdy as ever, and the front cover opened easily, revealing a surprising sight.

A door had appeared inside the book. And not just a door, but one with a Christmas wreath on it. A little red chair stood next to the door, and there was a bright red post box as well. White ladders were leaning against bushes. A white picket fence defined the small yard. And there were two little trees that looked like Christmas trees without decorations.

"Come and see this!" I said to my husband.

"Yes, yes... In a moment..."

He continued typing.

"Someone has moved inside the book!" I said over my shoulder.


Husbands are very good at not listening. 

I heard something from behind the door and peeked behind the book covers. Nothing there. Just flat book covers, and then the wall. I mean covers.

The noises continued - like someone was dragging furniture.

"Ok. I am nuts to do this, but what the hey..."

I bent closer and knocked on the door.

"Who's there?" someone answered.

What's this? Inside the book covers a little door and a garden had appeared.What's this? Inside the book covers a little door and a garden had appeared.

"What did you say?" My husband asked. So he had heard it too.

"There is someone behind the door!" I replied.

"Well open it, don't let them wait."

No doubt he thought I was talking about our front door. I mean who in their right mind would expect to find a door inside book covers - and someone behind the door.

"It is me, Leena," I said to the door in the book.

"Ah, good. I'll be out as soon as I have finished moving this table..." the little voice said.

Table? I looked behind the covers again. Nothing there.

"I really need that coffee..." I said.

"Yes, yes, ok. I'll make breakfast in five minutes," my husband sighed.

So there I stood, looking at the strange door inside the book, waiting for something to happen.

And then the door began to open.

Who was it? Come back here to read more soon and you'll know!

Have you ever made a Christmas Elf door?

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