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I have an old horse care book that belonged to my grandfather on my mother's side. This book is a Finnish translation of Sven Samuelsson's horse care book from the 18th century. It was first published around 1775 and gained great popularity among people, even if the veterinarians of the times were not all convinced of the remedies. I don't blame them. Many times I shook my head, feeling sorry for the horses, reading the book. There is actually one recipe where you are to add a big living spider into the brew.

I decided I had to write down the book before it was destroyed. It is not in very good condition, and there are some pages missing. But most of it the book can still be read. 

My book is first edition from 1863 - written in old fashioned Finnish, which also made me scratch my ear at times. Over 150 years have certainly changed the language.

Also the old measurement were unfamiliar to me, and required some research. I have tried to translate them into today's measurements. Hope I got them right. But even if I didn't, I am sure no one in their right minds would try these cures for their horses. (Please, don't).

I searched for notes written on the pages, a sign the book had been used. I found only one. "Bananas grow on the island of Jamaica". Well. I don't think that has anything to do with horses, as bananas were not mentioned in any of the cures. No one had even heard of bananas inthis neck of the woods when the book was published.

While I write this, I am still in the process of translating the book to English. Come visit every now and again, to see what new (old) odd things have been added.

The language is old, and so some of the terms may seem a bit clumsy - that is because they are that in old Finnish language too. 

The horse drawings and paintings on these pages are made by yours truly - if you like them, you can buy them on gifts (they are linked to my Redbubble  store) and help me finance my novel writing (editing and cover designs are done by professionals who deserve to be paid for their hard work). Thank you very much. 


The knowledge and healing of the diseases of the our most noble and useful creature. the HORSE.

Translation from the book of the Excellent Swedish horse breeder Swen Samuelsson.

The story of growing up and the Latin and  Swedish names added by W.C.

In Turku, I.W. Lilja's printing house 1861

Imprimatur L.H.Törnroth

"The righteous one is merciful to his steed, but the ungodly heart is unwilling."

- Solomon

In our country can every cruel, godless and drunken person torture their beast of burden however they wish and can, which is especially evident during the "days of happiness and joy", that is: the market days. This is the cause, as you will see in this book also, of almost all of the horse illnesses - though perhaps these faults can appear in sensible people's horses too by accident.  

The translator

After the Storm - an oil painting of a Finnish coldblood mare galloping in a field after a storm has passed. 

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