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I'd like to see

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Well, that is a big question. What industry changes for writers I'd like to see...

The first thing that comes to mind is that the marketing of books would be easier. As it is the authors have to do most of the marketing themselves unless they are bestsellers whose publishing houses do the marketing for them. (Yes, really, the big publishing houses expect the author to market their own books, when you would expect them to be interested in selling the books they publish and actively market them.)

Buying marketing services from marketing companies is expensive. Maybe sharing a part of the revenue they "created" during the campaign being their payment would encourage them to really market the books too. And finding that reliable, affordable marketing company is not easy. Lots of sharks out there ready to take indie authors' money without really benefiting them in any way.

What else... Well, there's one thing that is interesting - and that is AI voices authors could use to create audio books. Of course a live reader is always the best, but they are sometimes so expensive, a self-published author just can't afford them. So a decent AI voice you could pay a reasonable sum for would be great. I know Joanna Penn (who is an author) is actually training AI with her own voice so that it would appear that in her audio books she is reading her books herself. I'm sure this is something that will be developed in the near future.

Are you a writer? What kind of changes you'd like to see in writing industry?

Do you have a great story about this? Share it!

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