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nephilim quest 3 / amarna almost there

IWSG monthly blog post.

Ah... The joys of editing... 

When I wrote Nephilim Quest 3 / Amarna, I had planned the story beforehand. I had to. With a 9 to 5 job I had to plan both my writing hours and the plot carefully so that the actual writing process would be as effective as bossible.

This time the characters behaved, and there was only one surprise trip abroad by one of the protagonists. That trip will be essential to the future plot, so I let her travel. There is a big surprise at the end of the book, even if I say so myself. I was quite happy how I had managed to keep the secret so long - even my editor had no idea what was coming. 

And then began the editing. I am reading the story through for the sixth time. 150.000 words times six... Polishing, adding, deleting. Fixing mistakes. Like making a person arrive twice to a location. Or a gagged person being able to speak before the gag is removed (and this was only noticed on the fifth read-through). You know. 

Those mistakes are something the writer can become quite blind to, and the reason it is good to let the first draft rest for a while before reading it through. And also the reason an editor and a proofreader are a must.

I still need to polish some parts where I fall for my old vice of lecturing about ancient Egypt. This is a story after all, not a non-fiction Egyptology book. Still, I want my details to be as accurate as possible when it comes to ancient Egypt. There are some uncertainties I had to invent an answer to. Who was Tutankhamen's mother? No one really knows. To whom in the royal family was Nefertiti related to? No one really knows. Did she rule as an equal alongside Akhenaten? No one can tell for certain. Was there a joint reign of Amenhotep III and his son Akhenaten? There are theories favouring both options. So much knowledge is lost - and yet there is the tantalising possibility that time will reveal new snippets of information of these ancient times.

But anyway, I am writing this in November 2018. Soon the people who have signed up to my reader group will receive their free copy. I ask them to read the book and then when the official publishing date comes, to give an honest review.

I'll be letting you know soon the publication date of Nephilim Quest 3 / Amarna.

Are you a writer? How much do you edit your story?

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