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what would make me stop writing?

IWSG monthly post

Now there's an easy question to answer. As long as I can express myself with words, I will continue writing.

There has been times when life has thrown situations in my path that have temporarily made me stop writing, but all the while I knew I would start again as soon as possible. Sometimes it can be the death of a loved one - there may be no energy left for creative expression. This happened after a family member's unexpected suicide. Or it may actually increase the energies. Like the 11 years my father had cancer - I never realized how much energy it stole from me until he passed away. Suddenly so much energy was released I wrote my final essay of my studies and wrote a 500-page-book in a few short months. 

Having a new job and learning the ropes can also take all the extra energies for a while. And taking care of a family, of course. But a few minutes here and there are enough to write. It doesn't have to be an hour of free time. Ten-fifteen minutes will do, especially if you have planned beforehand what you will write.

Oh, and let's not forget studies. I am now doing my final touches to my MA dissertation (after my daily job), which explains the somewhat slower pace in getting my books ready. But boy do I wait for September when I have all my free time in my own hands again! And not only because of all the books I am slowly writing, but the idea of a new one that came from my dissertation research of the early 18th Dynasty royal God's Wives of Amun in ancient Egypt.

I know some writers give up because their books didn't sell. But sell or not - if you have writing in your blood, you just have to write. Be it books, journals, poems... 

But even that one sale of your book is a boost. Though the darned pirates are not, stealing a writer's income by pirating their books. As far as I am concerned, I hope there is a special unpleasant accommodation with very impolite personnel and without air conditioning in the afterlife for book-pirates.

Are you a writer? Could something stop you from writing?

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