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how do i celebrate 
when I reach a writing goal

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I really had to stop and think about this… I have always been a calendar freak, chopping bigger targets into smaller steps, placing each step in my calendar so that I know what I should do each day, and then meticulously taking those planned steps. One day at a time.  So achieving a daily goal is more like a habit – be it illustrating or writing a certain amount of words per day. With time publishing books becomes a bit of a routine, and celebrating is forgotten. That is not to say I don’t feel happy having achieved what I planned for that day.

So actually I don’t celebrate much as in taking a glass of bubbly or something like that. When a book goes live, I do one thing though. I have this small necklace – for the lack of a better word. It is a tiny book with blank pages, on a chain so I could wear it as a necklace if I wanted. When a book goes live, I write its name and date on the pages of this little book. (Ok, maybe I am a bit boring celebrating-wise...)

 When it comes to daily writing goals, I try to write 1000 words per day. I have tiny stickers (surprise, surprise) on my monthly calendar. Each sticker represents a thousand words. So a sticker per day.  And for every 1000 words written I take off one sticker. If I am ahead of schedule, I may “celebrate” by taking a day off writing, if I feel like it. But to be honest, I like writing so much I hardly ever have that feeling. But if something surprising comes along and I cannot write, having those “already written” days give me a chance not to write, without feeling guilty about it.

 At the moment I am over  70.000 words this year. So I am ahead of schedule. Feeling good about it too.

Are you a writer? How do you celebrate when you reach a writing goal?

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