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Staying on Track

by E.M.A. Timar

Wow. You truly have a plan and stick to it. After much trial and error (and what felt like wasted time), I discovered I am much better at weekly goals than daily. I became obsessed with determining what I needed to do each day instead of getting it done. However, the obsessive planner in me would love to do what you do. *sigh* I also love that you commemorate your books in such a beautiful way.

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by: Leena

I hear you - my other goals are weekly, really. Just the writing is daily goal. And if I don't get the weekly things done that week, I don't stress over it. I just move them to next week. I just noticed that I need to keep on writing daily to stay in the flow...

If everything on my to-do-list would be daily goals, I'm sure burnout would be just around the corner... But one project with daily goals is ok, as long as it is not too strict. To me writing 1000 words takes about 45 minutes, and I can do that in smaller chunks during the day, so I don't need to stress about finding full 45 minutes or an hour to write in. Life happens and often finding a longer, uninterrupted time for writing just isn't possible.

Leena :)

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