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IWSG monthly blog post

There are more than just five objects in my writing space, but let's take five most important ones. 

1. MY Computer

The first one is obvious - my computer. I write my stories using Scrivener on my Mac. When I was a child I was quite certain real authors always wrote their stories by hand. It felt almost like cheating when my uncle borrowed me his old typewriter. I loved the machine, but while writing still felt I should have been writing by hand. No such problems anymore... I could never write fast enough by hand.


They both have white sand inside. The bigger one measures 45 minutes of time, the smaller one 15 minutes. When I start writing, I turn the bigger one around. When the 45 minutes are over, I get up and go away from my computer. I turn the smaller hourglass and for 15 minutes I do other stuff - arrange things, do laundry, clean... A good way to get things done around the house, and to avoid the dangers of sitting for too long periods of time.

Now I do have timers on my computer, but somehow the old fashioned hourglasses please me more.

3. my calendar

With a full time job, four to five books in the works simultaneously, and other life with its demands I am addicted to my calendar. I plan my writing projects in advance. 1000 words per day. I use little sticky notes on a monthly calendar spread - one sticky note means 1000 words. It is funnily satisfying to peel off a note and throw it away when I have written the scheduled word amount. If I am ahead of schedule, I can have days on no writing. Very disciplined that way - but if I don't plan and follow where I am regarding my main goal, I'd never get my books written. But when I have finished the books I have planned for the year, I don't need to stick to the 1000 words per day for the rest of the year. I can then concentrate on editing and other publishing matters. 

4. statuette of an ancient egyptian standard bearer

I bought this wooden replica of a statue of an ancient Egyptian standard bearer from the Museo Egizio in Turin. He solemnly stands, holding the two standards against his sides - they are slightly taller than he is. His left foot is ever so slightly forward - brave move: usually pharaohs are depicted with their left foot stepping forward. 

Now of course I do have my Ramses the Bathduck I bought from the British Museum. He often sits on my desk, but as I am writing this, he is on top of a shelf next to me. 

5. a pillow for the cats

Yes. A pillow. The cats like to think the desk lamp is their private solarium and invaded the space that was meant for my reference books while I write. After a while I gave up and put a pillow there so it is comfier for them to supervise my writing.

Are you a writer? What are your 5 objects on your writing space?

Do you have a great story about this? Share it!

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That's clever to have the two hourglasses. That's something we should all have - and use!

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