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have I ever surprised myself
with my writing?

for example by trying a new genre
I didn't think i'd be comfortable in?

Monthly post of IWSG

Well I should say so. I mean no one who knows me is surprised that I write about ancient Egypt. My Nephilim Quest series is about ancient human myths and time travel – to ancient Egypt.

But when I wrote my 2016 NaNoWriMo story, something quite unexpected came up. Yes, there is ancient Egypt, but the story happens in space. Yes, you read right. It is a kind of sci-fi environment. I never thought I’d write sci-fi!

And the story didn’t stop surprising me. I wrote it pantser style – I had no time to plan beforehand, being busy with other writing projects, so I just let my imagination have fun. I ended up with a story that is a mix of ancient Egypt, sci-fi, spells and witchcraft, afterlife, angels and demons and some odd humor. With a dystopian sprinkle.

I sure scratched my head for a while at the result – but as I got many encouraging words from members of my reader team who had received the story as daily emails while I wrote it... I decided that what the hey – let’s publish it and see what happens. And so the first book of the Space Witches –series was published under the name The Book of Witches. (I'm writing book nr 2 at the moment)

Still, the most important thing is that the book was a hoot to write - I sure had fun :)

So if you are interested in the following…

  • afterlife
  •  an oldangel called Anthony who loves to bake
  •   a demon called George who snacks on the creepy crawlies he carries with him
  • dead teenagers who are rather bored at being dead and looking for adventure
  • the Halfway House for those who died before their time
  •  a detective story of sorts where the good witches are trying to find their Book of Spells, while the dark witches are trying to open their Book of Witches (closed by a spell)…
  • what life could be like after an asteroid hit the Earth
  • human kind living on Plates rotating the sun, with the frozen Earth visible below

You are more than welcome to read the book

 Hopefully you too would be surprised with my writing - in a positive way. 

Are you a writer? Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing?

Do you have a great story about this? Share it!

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