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when words don't come easy

IWSG monthly post

For a few days in a row I woke up at night and for some reason the same song kept on repeating in my mind.

You have all heard the song. The lyrics are by F.R. David:

Words don't come easy to me

How can I find a way to make you see I love you

Words don't come easy

Words don't come easy to me

This is the only way for me to say I love you

Words don't come easy

It took a a while to suddenly realise what my subconscious was trying to tell me. 

I haven't written my Daily Happiness Journal since the summer and one of the reasons was an illness in the family. My brother suffered a severe stroke. He was kept in a coma for some days, spent weeks in the ICU and is now thankfully back in the land of the living.  We are all relieved he survived. But with a cost. Now, two and a half months later, he is half paralysed - and he has lost his ability to speak and write. His great sense of humour and inborn stubbornness can be seen in his behaviour (and they are good things to have when you are facing a long period of recovery).

We are hoping for him to be able to speak in the future, but as it is, there is no way he can express himself verbally. Not yet.

His wife has been sitting by his bedside all the time - because of the covid-situation no other family member has been allowed in.  They have been waving at him behind the window, and talking to him using video calls. I haven't been able to visit either - I live in Finland and he is in the USA. 

Seeing his wife there, every day, must have made it clear to my brother how much love there is between them. And he wanted to express his love back somehow. But how? If you have no words to use? I'll show you how.

I am pasting here a photo taken by his wife one day when she went to the hospital. This was waiting for her. No words needed.

How would you express your love if you had no words?

Tell us.

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