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my favorite question

(or least favorite?)

IWSG monthly post

So what is my favorite question as an author? And the least favorite?

The same question in both cases, really. “When is your next book coming out?”

It’s my favorite because it means the reader is interested in my books.  I so love to hear that people have read and liked what I write (well, which writer wouldn’t be happy to hear that). And it gives me a boost to get off the couch after the day job and hit the keyboard.

And it is my least favorite on those days when I feel there just aren’t enough hours in a day to finish my books as quickly as I’d like to.  I read fast myself, and love to binge-read a whole series. Waiting for the next book is not my favorite thing. I check my favorite authors’ websites and ebook seller pages almost daily when I wait for their next book to come out.

But I dare not say any words of judgement for the timespan between their books. I see what can cause it. It is simply lack of hours to write. Most writers have a day job, and do their writing early in the morning before going to work, or in the evenings (and weekends) when not working. It is a really tiring business at times and sometime there just isn’t any energy left to write anything coherent.

Still: as long as the readers ask this question, I find the motivation to open the 'puter and start writing.

Are you a writer? What is your favorite question?

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