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if i could wish help in writing a scene

what kind of a scene would that be?

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Now that's an easy question to answer. A romantic scene.

I’ve said to my editor that if I tried to write a truly romantic scene I’d probably have my readers in stitches… I like to write about action and also deeper “musings” of the mind, but if I try to plan how to write a scene where the protagonist finally gets his/her Big Romance… Well. Let’s just say even I would begin to laugh. But it would be great to learn that genre. After all I’ve heard they sell well. Wouldn’t mind that. But I won’t start writing anything I don’t enjoy writing, I’d feel sorry for my readers if I did. (And I just cannot "write to market" - if I am not interested in a genre, I couldn't even finish the story. 

Not to mention what would happen to my reputation as a writer if I tried writing a romantic novel... Now I'm not sure there is a genre called hilarious romantic books, but if there was, I'm sure I'd fit right in.

A romantic scene has to be well written to draw the reader into it so that they forget the world around them. I'm quite envious of those authors who master that skill, but not in a bad way. I am glad they exist - I enjoy reading a well written romantic scene.  The emotions have to feel real, the scene has to flow effortlessly without too much flowery language. Or too much inner thinking - which is what I would probably be guilty of.

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Are You a writer? What kind of a scene would you need help with?

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