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my favourite genre 

of all the genres - which one of my favourite and why?

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That’s easy(ish)… My favourite genre is historical fiction mixed with an element of fantasy. I’m sure you have noticed that by now if you have read any of my books… So it is historical fantasy fiction or fantasy historical fiction… Well, hopefully fantastic historical fantasy fiction.

I love history, and I love fantasy. And science fiction too, come to think of it. (There are echoes of the latter in my Space Witches -series, where human kind lives on plates orbiting the sun after an asteroid has caused an impact winter on Earth – but even those books have an element of ancient Egypt in them) Already as a child I loved reading history books – and this was before homes had computers. We had all the 24 books from a book series called Grimberg’s History of Nations. Guess which part of human history was my favourite. Egypt, you say? How ever did you guess? LOL

If I ever try to write straight-forward historical fiction, the element of myths and fantasy somehow sneaks in, no matter how I try to avoid it. Probably because of ancient Egypt, my own niche, is so full on mythical stories.  My imagination loves to weave historical facts with mythology and fantasy together. So I just gave up and let the fantasy write itself into my books.

This probably stems from my childhood when Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings made a lasting impact on me. I must have read the books dozens of times (in several languages – I probably learned fluent English faster than others at school thanks to LOTR). I could recite the text from memory, and all the poems in the book. LOTR was the reason I learned to love fantasy books.  Actually I am still using fantasy books to brush up my language skills - at the moment I'm reading the Hobbit in German, The Fellowship of the Ring in French and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone in Swedish.

But I haven’t been writing elves + dwarfs + dragons -kind of books. My books are more tied to ancient human mythology. Not saying there will never be any dragons anywhere (never say never), but as they didn’t really have dragons in ancient Egypt… Though I remember reading Herodotus - he explains how winged snakes tried to fly from the east, from the direction of Arabia, at sunrise to Egypt, and the ibis-birds killed them. (According to Herodotus this is why the ibis-birds were honoured by the Egyptians). So technically speaking there are winged lizards (well, snakes) in their mythology. Or at least in Herodotus’s version of their mythology.

But there you have it - historical fiction with fantasy elements is the genre I like the most.

Are you a writer - or a reader? What is your favourite genre?

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