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Have I ever included my family traditions in my books?

IWSG monthly post

Have I? Included my own personal or family traditions in my books?

Hmm. I very much doubt it. Probably because my family are not witches, nor Nephilim, nor mummies… At least not that I know of.  Of course being an Egyptologist makes it easy to be around people when they and I get older. I mean the older and wrinklier (more mummy-like) you get, the more interesting you are to me! 

No one in our family wove spells, or had wings. None is ghosting around (I think - after one old relative died, a wall clock that had not been wound in ten years suddenly started chiming the hours in the middle of that night. So maybe they came by to say hello). No one has been drawn to wearing mummy wrappings either. (Heck I myself haven't done the famous Nile cruise where you are supposed to dress up as an ancient Egyptian. If I ever do, I bring my own toilet paper roll for quick mummification.)

I haven't chased hidden shabtis in a mountain village, ducking from things thrown by medieval ghosts (Wait for the Seven Shabtis 2!). Never looked at the Earth from space or met a space-worm (Wait for Space Witches 3!). Nor dealt with ancient Egyptian demons (wait for Bastet Mysteries 1!). Or met with goblins, water-and nature spirits, human-shaped Creatures or vampires (Wait for The Creature Wars 2!). Nor traveled through time or flown (wait for Nephilim Quest 4). So these books sure don't tell about any personal traditions LOL :D

But seriously, thinking about traditions in larger context: of course the people around me, and the cultural traditions of the society I live in had molded my personality. And so I am sure my values and the way I look at the world is reflected in the stories I write. Couldn’t be otherwise. So I think strong women, freedom of thought, religious freedom, love of nature and animals, taking the side of the underdog, learning from the past (history) and speaking my mind are all an integral element in my writings. These are things I learned from my own family and society all my life. And if these things are called personal traditions, and are evident in my books, good.

Are you a writer? Have you written your family traditions into your books?

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