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Hi Leena.

by joylene butler
(small town Canada)

Not sure if I'm suppose to comment here. But I just wanted to say that I agree with you completely. You have share your emotions or your characters would feel real. We all know this, yet I'm surprised at how many writers don't bother doing that extra depth. Maybe it's fear. Happy IWSG.

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by: Leena

Hi, Joylene :)

Yes, you found the right place to comment :)

I have also read books where for example the protagonist seems to be speaking like a robot, spewing out the cliches the writer probably expects they should say. They just don't feel real... And sometimes I don't bother to finish the book. I need to feel that connection to the characters in the book to continue reading.

And you might be right with the fear thing - perhaps some writers are unconsciously afraid they reveal too much of themselves?

Leena :)

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