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I can't escape the paranormal either!

by Denise D. Young
(Virginia, U.S.A.)

I love stories with fantastic/paranormal elements that sneak in. Barbara Monajem's Regency romance shorts have these sorts of elements (The Magic of His Touch is a good one if you like Regency romances with just a hint of magic.) I write fantasy romance, and so the two--magic, romance; fantasy, happily ever afters--are inextricably entangled for me. I don't write historicals, but I'm fascinated by Ancient Egypt. Have you read any of the Amelia Peabody mysteries? They're set in the Victorian era but in Egypt. I've only read the first book in the series, but I loved it!

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I wish I knew how to write romance
by: Leena

Hi, Denise!

I wish I could write romance... I'm afraid that if I tried, the end result would be rather hilarious... Sure romance is a part of my stories, but I never tried to write a book that was all about a love story between two people.

And Amelia Peabody - I have to admit I haven't read them yet. I should, I know... But writing my own stories and the 9-5 job leaves my usually just dinner time to read books. (Yes, I eat and read at the same time - a habit I learned from my childhood home where my father always did just that). And so a novel takes me a long time to finish these days, even though I read fast. But I do try to read fiction each day. So maybe I'll dig into Amelia's adventures next :)

So where can we find your books? Do you write a series (if so, which name?) or individual stories that aren't directly related?

Leena :)

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