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mr mummific

Here you find  illustrations I have drawn to Mummific's books. By clicking on the pictures below you will be taken to a page of the gifts with the particular illustration in my Redbubble store. All income will go into the costs of writing books and creating new books.  Every purchase is much appreciated.

how i became a mummy

Mr Mummific having dinner in the afterlife - which is a bit of a messy business when skeletons are concerned...

Poor Mr Mummific - his Missus weaves linen all the time and tries to change his comfy old wraps all the time. Which is reason enough for any self-respecting mummy king to sneak out of the door...

Meretseger - the goddess who loved silence. She guarded the Peak of the West - the pyramid-shaped mountain over the Valley 

The ancient Egyptians mummified their internal organs and placed them in canopic jars.

The heir to the throne performed the Opening of the Mouth ritual to the mummy of the dead king - thus magically reviving the mummy's senses so it came back alive again.

Ta Miu was one of ancient Egypt's most famous cats - and Mr Mummific's constant companion.

It was tradition to depict the enemies of ancient Egypt on a pharaoh's sandals - that way when ever he walked, he trampled on the enemies of the land.

Now everyone knows there is nothing more perfect than a handsome mummy...

This is the scene of weighing of the heart - the ancient Egyptians believed that your heart was weighed against the feather of truth (Ma'at). If your heart was heavy with sin, it was eaten by Ammit, the Devourer, and you ceased to exist. If, however, you passed the test, you were given entry to the afterlife.

Mr Mummific in full ancient Egyptian regalia. He was a pharaoh, after all...

If you are not properly mummified, the wind may blow you away in the afterlife...

Mr Mummific's son would have been a great pharaoh, had he lived longer than his dad...

The Egyptians were firm believers in amulets - they carried them around to ward off evil and to invite good luck. And when they were mummified, amulets were hidden in their wrappings as well.

It doesn't matter if you are a mummy - a lady is a lady and wishes to keep her complexion as beautiful as Nefertiti's. So the buying and selling of expensive skin oils continues in the afterlife...

A beautiful pectoral with cobra goddess Wadjet and vulture goddess Nekhbet - the guardians of kingship in ancient Egypt.

Much nicer to rewrap yourself, and not let Missus do it....

A beautiful golden shrine for the canopic jars of the pharaoh.

The Egyptians placed masks of different materials on the face of the mummy bundle. The richest could afford gold.

The ancient Egyptian offering formula, which was written on tombs and stelas to ensure plentiful offerings for the deceased in the afterlife.

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