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Daily Happiness Journal #56

June 10th 2020

sleep / water play 

In this email:

  • Food for thought: Sleep
  • Picture of the day: Water Play
  • Daily Funny: Who was first?
  • Daily Happiness: Row of plush toy dogs
  • Daily Quote by - Anthony Burgess
  • Quote from The Seven Shabtis 1 / The House of the Morning Sun

 I hope this little email (posted Monday - Friday) will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

thought for the day


Modern people sleep too little. There are many reasons for this - anyone with small children knows what's the main reason. But for others, it is often a combination of watching TV too late, forgetting themselves in the social media or irregular sleep rhythms. And let's not forget alcohol. Even a glass of wine before going to bed may causes poor sleep quality. Sure the glass or red may make you fall asleep easily, but it also makes you wake up in the middle of the night and then you cannot get into deep sleep again. (I have the Oura ring and it really opened my eyes to the effects of that glass of wine...)

In time tiredness accumulates. This causes you to become cranky, you lose efficiency at work, and your body just isn't feeling well.

I have a bad habit of sleeping an hour too little during the weeks and then on Friday evening after dinner I just conk out on the couch and sleep like the dead for two hours.(Happily it does not affect my night's sleep, but sure proves I need to pay attention to my time in front of TV or my study books.)

The best thing is to teach yourself to a steady sleep rhythm if at all possible. Go to bed at the same time every day and wake up the same time every morning. Exercise and avoid heavy meals, alcohol, caffeine drinks and social media in the evenings before your bedtime.

picture of the day

water play

Children playing in a forest stream on a hot summer day. I just love the colours of this picture - the T-shirts, the reflection of the sky in the water, the buckets and the watering can.


Who was first?

"Four men weighing 100 kg jump off the plane at the same time. Who was the first person on the ground?"

"Adam and Eve."

Do you have a funny story you would like to see published in this letter? An event, what someone said? If so, send me your funny story in an email 

(I especially love the funny things children say!). 

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today's happiness

Row of plush dogs

Aren't they cute? A row of plush toy-dogs in the back window of the car. 

What made you happy today? Send a note and tell, if you wish to share your little happy moment with others.The email address for this daily post is

Daily quote

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.”

- Anthony Burgess

QUOTE FROM the seven shabtis 1 / The house of the morning sun 

Kaylee bent over the box.

"Don't breathe on it! Moisture is bad for ancient objects…" Mr. Wherrett said.

Kaylee put her hand over her mouth and nose, so it directed her breathing away from the box, and had a good look at the shabtis painted on the box. They were all different, just as Luke had said. Each one had a scarab painted on its chest and in the middle of each was a tiny painted symbol.

Just as she was trying to figure out what the symbols were, Dan opened the lid of the box, almost hitting Kaylee on the nose with it.

"Careful!" Mr. Wherrett snapped.

Inside were seven small, empty compartments. At the bottom of each were symbols – they looked a lot like the ones painted on the shabtis on the cover.

"This box contained seven shabtis once. I want you to find those shabtis for me," Mr. Wherrett said.

"Whatever for? Are these the reason you’re holding our family as prisoners, as you put it?" Luke asked.

"All you need to know is that if you don't find them, something very unpleasant is going to happen to your families," Mr. Wherrett said.

"But… Why should we, of all people, be able to find them? They could be anywhere!" Kaylee said.

"No, they are not just anywhere. I know they are somewhere here in the village or near it. They were in the hands of a secret society, before one of my ancestors found them and brought them to safety in the castle. Somehow, the society managed to steal them back, leaving only the box. They belong to me as the heir of this castle. And you’re the ones who will get them back for me."

- Leena Maria: The Seven Shabtis 1 / The House of the Morning Sun / Chapter 2: The Task

I sell my books directly too - the ebooks are cheap to buy and the big e-stores don't share much to the author. So I have downloaded my ebooks to Payhip - they don't take commission and I get more to pay for my editor, proofreader and cover designer. All of whom are one-woman businesses themselves. (You get the ebook in your preferred e-reader format.)

If you prefer to write a short happy note each day, I have created planners for this effect. You can write your daily happiness in the squares of the weekly spread - and plan future happiness using the monthly pages. There are even happy (repositionable) stickers included in the planner.

Happiness Planner Water Play
Happiness Planner Water Play
by HappinessJournal

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