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Daily Happiness Journal #57

June 11th 2020

respect / trees in a field

In this email:

  • Food for thought: Respect
  • Picture of the day: Trees in a Field
  • Daily Funny: Reward
  • Daily Happiness: Kitty snoozing
  • Daily Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Quote from Creature Wars 1 / The Death of a Vampire

 I hope this little email (posted Monday - Friday) will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

thought for the day


One day I got a phone call from a client who was clearly bitter. It wasn't just about the matter we discussed, I felt he was angry and bitter towards life in general. If you have heard the saying that someone is so angry they are spitting nails, you get my point.

This person clearly wanted to spread his bad mood to everyone. And he was successful - after a while of trying to be nice and getting plain evil comments in return (including his announcement I was actually working at a street corner with a mini skirt and high heels, if you get my point...) I didn't want to have anything to do with him. Still, I did my job, helped him as I should, put the receiver down and hoped I would never need to talk to him again.

And then when I think of people who are happy, helpful and positive - I wouldn't mind talking with them every day. I would go the extra mile for them because their behaviour told me they respected me and my efforts to help them. 

We have a saying here in Finland (loosely translated): The forest returns your yell in kind. I suppose it is about the echo - you get what you give.

How often people who complain about getting bad service everywhere are themselves the cause of it? Showing respect to people you meet will often make life easier.

picture of the day

trees in a field

Two old apple trees in a summer field. There are usually sheep in this pasture quite near to where I live. They love to stay in the shade of these trees when it is hot.



In an auction the broker announced:

"A gentleman in the audience has lost his wallet. There are four hundred dollars worth of money inside. He offers 60 dollars in reward for whoever returns it."

A voice from the audience:

"I offer a hundred!"

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today's happiness

Kitty snoozing

Now if anyone knows how not to rub that tummy, let me know... Our Aby girl Pipsa enjoying a nap - in the middle of the couch, of course. We can sit at opposite ends, but the couch belongs to her royal highness. And when she looks this cute... Oh well, let her keep the couch.

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Daily quote

"There is no beautifier of complexion, or form, or behaviour, like the wish to scatter joy and not pain around us."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

QUOTE FROM the creature wars 1 / the death of a vampire

“She’s having fun,” Orri said.

“Shush, we don’t want her to hear us,” the older goblin said quietly.

They lay on their stomachs, camouflaged by the forest. As long as they lay still, no one would see them. As a child, Orri had read about chameleons and wondered if they were related to goblins, as they took on the colours of their surroundings in the same way. He had been told that goblins and lizards were definitely not related. Evolution had simply given them a similar skill.

The little girl flew around the tree trunks, giggling. She was holding her favourite doll in her hand – a little goblin with long, green, messy hair. Orri had developed a liking for the little girl. He was still young enough to remember what playing and having fun was like. Some of the older goblins were so serious.

He’d watched the two sisters playing together on many occasions. The other one, Nana, was a Walker. And this little one, Susan, was an Airy. Together, they were quite a handful for their mother. It was difficult enough keeping up with an ordinary lively toddler, never mind one who could vanish at a snap of the fingers and reappear who knew where next. Not to mention another child, who could easily escape up into the air. The deep lake right next to the Healer House must have been another problem for an alert mother – and the Diver was not always near.

“Wheeee!” Susan yelled, somersaulting in the air.

As she did this, the little goblin doll fell out of her hand, landing right in front of Orri and his uncle.

“Close your eyes,” his uncle warned. “They are the only things the forest won’t hide.”

- Leena Maria / The Creature Wars 1: The Death of a Vampire / Chapter 1: Airy Girl

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If you prefer to write a short happy note each day, I have created planners for this effect. You can write your daily happiness in the squares of the weekly spread - and plan future happiness using the monthly pages. There are even happy (repositionable) stickers included in the planner.

Happiness Planner Trees in a Field
Happiness Planner Trees in a Field
by HappinessJournal

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